All reservations require a refundable $500 deposit.

  1. Click the package above that you want to reserve to open the scheduling window.
  2. From the calendar, select the available day(s) that you want to reserve.
  3. Total cost that includes the rental fee and deposit will be displayed. You’re only required to pay the $500.00 deposit to complete the reservation, but you have the option of paying the full amount (deposit plus rental fee) by clicking the “Full Amount” button.
  4. Click the “Book Now” button to place the reservation into your shopping cart.
  5. Click the “View Cart” button to go to your shopping cart to check out.
  6. Wedding or Party reservations only may add an optional Extra Day from the cart page.
  7. Camp Meeker Residents enter code associated with your rental package before checking out.
  8. Check out. An account will be made within the Camp Meeker website that you can log in to to pay the remainder of your bill. Check your email box for an email form Camp Meeker (CMRPD) that includes your account access information. Email us if you did not get this email.
  9. Pay remainder of your bill at least 60 days (2 months) before your event date. If your event is less than 2 months away, please pay the full amount (deposit & rental fee) when you make the reservation.
  10. Remember to sign the Anderson Hall Rental Agreement (linked below) and return it to the CMRPD.
  11. Have a great time at Anderson Hall! Your deposit will be returned to you after inspection  and within 30 (thirty) days of your event.

Wedding and Party/Event Packages are allowed to reserve an extra day for $100.00. Extra Days can only be scheduled immediately before or after your event dates. Extra Days are not available to any other rental package. To reserve an extra day, add your Wedding or Party/Event package to your shopping cart. When you go to check out, you will see the Extra Day option on the checkout page. Add it to your shopping cart before checking out.

Special rates are available to Camp Meeker residents only by entering the code for the respective package.

Making your reservation, will establish an account at this website. You can then log in at any time to pay the remaining fee. ALL FEES ARE TO BE PAID AT LEAST SIXTY DAYS PRIOR TO YOUR EVENT. IF YOUR EVENT IS LESS THAN 2 MONTHS AWAY, PLEASE PAY THE FULL AMOUNT WHEN YOU MAKE THE RESERVATION.

Rental Agreement

All reservations require that the Anderson Hall rental Agreement is printed, signed and returned to the Camp Meeker Recreation & Park District office at PO Box 461, Camp Meeker, CA, 95419. Please click the button below to open the agreement.

If you have questions, please call 707.874.9246, or email us.

Anderson Hall Rental Agreement