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Board Meetings

The Camp Meeker Recreation and Park District Board of Directors meets regularly each month on the third Tuesday at 7pm. Typically, the meeting takes place at the District’s office located next to the Firehouse. Occasionally, the meeting is held at Anderson Hall.

When the need arises, the Board holds special meetings during the period between regular meetings.

All meetings are governed by the Brown Act, legislation passed in 1953 by the California Legislature that ensures that citizens are informed about and are able to participate in local government. Two important features of the Brown Act observed by the District Board are

Notice of Meetings

All meetings of the Board, whether regular or special, are announced at least 72 hours (3 days) in advance of the meeting. The Camp Meeker Board posts the agenda for upcoming meetings at the District Office, and on the bulletin board next to the Post Office. The District also distributes the agenda and supporting materials to our email list and posts the agenda to this website.

Public Comment

The District Board deliberates in way that includes as much citizen input as possible. During a meeting, citizens are able to address the Board on issues that are not on the agenda. In addition, citizens are able to participate in the discussion of items formally on the agenda. Finally, citizens are able to propose agenda items for consideration and action by the Board.

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