New Roof and Other Repairs to Anderson Hall

Anderson Hall will be closed for renovation until the end of November. We appreciate your patience while the hall gets some loving care. You can still make your reservations for dates that are available after December 1, 2023. Thank you!

Anderson Hall

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Welcome to Camp Meeker

Recreation & Park District

The Camp Meeker Recreation and Park District is an independent Special District organized in 1931 under the California Public Resources Code, Div. 5, Chapter 4, Section 5780 (et seq).

The District’s purpose is to organize, promote, and conduct programs of community recreation including parks and open space, and other related services that improve the community’s quality of life.

The District’s areas of operation include Anderson Hall and related areas; Dutch Bill Creek beach (and areas adjacent to it) and the parking area; the Post Office trailer site; the District’s “office” and basketball court; Fire station land and other parcels.

The District was authorized to operate a “county water district” under provision 5787.22 in April 1994; and, LAFCO Resolution 2339 gave the District authority to develop and operate a wastewater system in August 1999. From time to time a sub-committee consisting of two Camp Meeker and two Occidental board members meet to discuss mutual concerns.