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P.O. Box 461 Camp Meeker, California 95419-0461
Telephone: 707-874-9246                       Email: admin(at)

The Camp Meeker Post Office has been a critical community meeting point and symbol of our community’s identity since 1900.

On March 15, 2013 the Camp Meeker Board was contacted by postal staff from Occidental and informed that the Postal Service wants to install a 4’ x 16’ slab at the trailer site, install post boxes similar to apartment type boxes and close the trailer completely.  The postal service has deemed the trailer “unsafe.”  The District was informed that stamp purchase and other postal related services required by residents and local businesses will be probably be handled at the Occidental post office.  It is thought that most of the outdoor boxes will be too small for parcels and, given that there is no residential delivery in Camp, special services requiring signatures will also require Occidental pickup. It was stated that re-installation of a temporary trailer or permanent facility at the Camp Meeker site could be dependent upon the level of protest from the community.

The District is researching exactly what the Postal Service intends for our community. The Board does feel it imperative that the Camp Meeker community–especially postal box holders contact our Congressional representative immediately as well as other individuals who may be able to assist Camp Meeker in retaining our post office and community identity.  We suggest that telephone contact for your protest is most effective and ask that you do so quickly as the Postal Service advises that the closure is immediate.

Please contact as many of the following as possible:

The Honorable Jared Huffman

United States House of Representatives                       Huffman–San Rafael Local District Office:

(California Congressional District #2)

1630 Longworth House Blding                                       999 Fifth Ave., Ste 290
Washington, DC 20515                                                     San Rafael, CA 94901
Phone:  202-225-5161                                                      Phone:  415-258-9657
Fax:  202-225-5163                                                          Fax:  415-258-9913

Postal Service Contacts:

Randy Davis (office) 916-574-3039
(cell)  916-541-0171

Tony Carvelli, Manager
P O Operations, San Francisco
Post Office Box 882708
San Francisco, CA 94188-2708
(415) 550-5110

Copy Jared Huffman on any correspondence

Please let us know the outcome of your contact via phone at 874-9246 or email at:
admin(at)  Thank you for your assistance in preserving our community.

Camp Meeker Recreation and Park District Board of Directors:
Lynn Watson, Gary Helfrich, Cathie Anderson and Tony Tominia