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Pursuant to Section 5473 of the Health and Safety Code, the Camp Meeker Recreation and Park District will review changes to its water code as follow:

Section 3.5 Disputed Bills; and, Section 4.5 Vacation of Premises

A copy of the proposed changes is available for viewing on weekdays between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. at the Camp Meeker Recreation and Park District Office and at Russian River Utility, 7131 Mirabel Rd., Forestville. They are also available on this website.

You are further notified that the Camp Meeker Recreation and Park District will hold a hearing on September 27, 2016 at 7 P.M. at the Recreation and Park District Office (next to the Fire Station), Camp Meeker to hear any and all objections to the adoption of these changes to the water code at which time said District, after due consideration, will determine whether said changes will be incorporated into the District’s Water Code.

Lynn Watson, Director
Camp Meeker Recreation and Park District


Section 3.5   Disputed Bills

Requests for investigation of disputed bills should be filed in writing with the District. A disputed account will not be accepted as justification for nonpayment of a water bill, and any service will be subject to discontinuance unless payment in full is made pending settlement of the dispute. The District has sole authority to resolve disputed bills, waive fees or adjust billing for reasons other than technical errors such as incorrect meter reading or billing errors.

      Any dispute of fees based on a major leak occurring on the customer’s property requires a hearing before the District Board. A major leak is one where the monthly water consumption exceeds twice the historic average monthly use for that specific address. The District has the sole authority to waive the portion of the fees that exceeds the average use for that month plus the energy cost associated with moving the excessive water consumed during that month. Evidence must be presented to the district of where the leak has occurred, that the leak has been corrected, and the District may require evidence that the work was performed by a licensed professional.

     When a fee waiver has been granted for a specific connection, the District shall not grant another fee waiver for a period of 60 months with the exception of catastrophic damage from natural causes such as, but not limited to, landslides.

      If unauthorized sale or use of water is determined to have resulted in an abnormally high water bill, the District shall not waive fees until it is determined that the customer was not involved in unauthorized sale or use of water. If it is determined that the customer was involved in unauthorized sale or use of water, the District may refuse to waive all or part of the charges related to excessive use.


Section 4.5   Vacation of Premises

Whenever premises are vacated, the charge for water service shall continue until notice is given to the District at its office that the water service is no longer required. The parcel shall continue to be listed on the Sonoma County Tax Rolls until the existing use on the property has been abandoned for more than twelve months or by request of the property owner. Removal from the Sonoma County Tax Rolls shall constitute abandonment of service and restoration of service shall be considered a new connection, subject to all connection fees.